Art Moscow Online Forum: The phenomenon of Art on Social media in 2021


Unlimited access to art and art-market is what gave society the transition  from offline to online, making social media one of the main channels of communication and sales during the period of self-isolation in 2020.

Speaker, Alexia Guggemos, CEO Observatory Social Media.

A wide audience had the opportunity to touch the closed and largely mythologized art market, virtually visiting the exhibitions of musuems and galleries, and purchasing art objects through Instagram and facebook groups. Artists, in turn, were able to exhibit their works on online platforms and marketplaces without intermediairies in the form of a gallery, curator and art dealer, directly communicating with their audience.

What social media tools should market participants look out for? What do artists need to effectively interact with an audience through Instagram? How to build and maintain a positive online reputation on social media?

Registration: 2021, 28th january 11h AM


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